IADA Claim Camera

IADA Claim Camera

IADA Develops Self-Service Photo Based Estimating Tool

While photo based estimating use has been on the rise in the last few years, several disadvantages to the process still exist. The IADA, in partnership with Dakabi, has developed an easy to use web-based solution that allows IADA members to engage in the virtual appraisal process, while enhancing the process compared to existing systems.

Claims Triage

Not all claims should be handled via photos. IADA Members are best positioned to triage the damages involved and proceed with photo based estimates where appropriate, and suggest field inspection services in cases that aren’t

Localized Expertise

IADA Members are the best resource for location specific rates, processes, and regulations. IADA members work daily with the repair facilities in each market and are best suited to prepare accurate appraisals suited to that specific market. In the event significant hidden damages are discovered after tear down, IADA members are positioned offer physical reinspection programs that other services are not.

Easy to Use

The Claim Camera App is a web-based application that does not require vehicle owners to download an app. A guided tour of the needed photos (driven by the areas of damage on the vehicle) steps the owner through the simple process.

Contact your local IADA Member for more information

For more information on how to integrate the IADA Claim Camera App into your claims handling process, contact a local IADA Member.

A searchable member directory can be found here: Directory

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