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IADA is a nonprofit trade association for damage appraisers, not just a network. Our commitment is to support every member of our profession.

Members of IADA are the most highly qualified and experienced appraisers in the nation. By supporting IADA, you also support a legacy going back almost a century – a legacy of respect, professionalism, skill, dedication, and excellence.

You also support our initiatives to promote education and excellence throughout the collision and claims industry.


Setting the Standard of Excellence for Damage Appraisal since 1947

Do you want to stand among the best of the best? IADA is currently accepting applications from highly qualified automotive professionals who want to enjoy the benefits of joining our prestigious association.

IADA is a nationwide professional association of claims appraisal field specialists. What sets our insurance property appraisers apart from the rest?

  • Highly trained property damage appraisers with estimating experience and/or insurance claims experience and proper state licensing.
  • Experience to assess vehicle and property damage and to make unbiased repair decisions.
  • Knowledge of manufacturer’s specifications, accepted industry procedures, electronic estimating software and safety concerns.
  • Expert management team to coordinate scheduling, reporting and billing.
  • Prompt friendly service.

IADA provides expert damage appraisal services, with exceptional turn-around time to insurers, agents, self-insureds, leasing and trucking companies, and private parties. The innovative spirit of this association of independently-owned appraisal companies is exemplified by rapid strides in implementing the latest technology. We aim to reduce costs associated with damage appraisal and repair without sacrificing quality or customer service. Firmly committed to obtaining highly professional and unbiased appraisals, we strive to protect our insureds and customers against unrealistic repair methods, inadequate or faulty repair procedures, and fraudulent practice. As a non-profit association, IADA offers a solid network of qualified independent vehicle appraisers ready to handle field assignments.